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Simple, fast, secure way for bike tracking

Bike GPS Tracker

  • Live Tracking
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Ignition Detection (On/Off)
  • Theft Alert – In Built Battery
  • Over Speeding Alert
  • Geo-Fencing – Zone and Route
  • Network Loss Alert
  • Remote Engine Cut Off

Live Tracking

The travel route of the vehicle can e easily and frequently be monitored by the tracker / monitored. This feature functions is a road navigational system where the vehicle monitoring person can alert the driver when he take the wrong route.

Ignition Detection (On/Off)

This feature enables the monitor to observe, record and analyze the parking and stopping locations as well as the related timings of commercial and private vehicles. The tracker device GPS based technology authentically transmits the correct information.

Over Speed Alert

This feature enables the tracker / monitor to check the speed of the vehicle at any given time from any location. The vehicle driver can then be alerted and warned of his crossing the speed limit.

Remote Engine Cut-off

The owner or an authorized person of a company can immediately turn off the engine of the vehicle if he or she concludes that the vehicle is being illegally driven or stolen. This can be achieved by the efficient tracking software that is installed in the smart cell phone.

Make In India Mission

The Make in India Mission h as been built on layers of a collaborative effort. We at Autronicals are committed to Contribute to Make In India Initiate with our expertise and experience in Hardware & Software Technologies.

Powerful GPS App For Android & IOS

Most Advanced GPS Tracking Solutions with Real Time Location Tracking & Instant Alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can check the vehicle’s live location on your mobile phone or laptop anytime even if the vehicle is moving.

You can digitally configure the particular area or home boundary on your cell phone tracking software so that whenever your vehicle or vehicles enters or leaves the pre-defined zonal boundary, you will get a notification/ alert on your phone.

Our technicians will install the GPS tracker in a hidden area of the vehicle so that no one else can see the GPS tracker.

The term immobilizer refers to one of the functions of Autronicals device through which you can, from any location, turn off the car engine. The car engine will not start unless and until you can start its engine.

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